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Downtime reduction via predictive maintenance
Discover six different ways our product helps wind portfolio owners increase their profitability.
Giving Power Transformers the attention they deserve
Power transformers are the critical link connecting wind and solar farms to the electrical network. Find out how we help to reduce the risk associated with these assets.
Automatic detection of turbine power curtailment due to component overheating
Component overheating impacts wind portfolio revenues. Discover how to detect and minimise its impact on your fleet.
How to give your operators the right alarms (part II)
In this post, we present the enhanced failure detections via our multi-sensor based alarms.
Why operators are ignoring SCADA alarms (part I)
In part I, we present why SCADA alarms are abundant but not helpful for operators.
Scaling wind power forecasting for energy trading
Trading penalties cause multi-million euro costs to wind energy producers, at Jungle we develop state-of-the-art forecasting models that directly translate to economical savings.
Power forecasting for wind farm maintenance scheduling optimisation
The combination of normality models and power forecasting allows our users to unlock unprecedented value pockets.
Normality modeling to conquer complexity
Challenges in creating tangible value with AI in industrial applications and how we overcame them with state-of-the-art ML normality models.
Taking wind power forecasting to the next level
Probabilistic wind power forecasting is the most recent addition to our technological offering. We develop these forecasts tailored to our customers’ needs. In this article, we explain why it makes sense for Jungle to have built this service.
Jungle is releasing a new product!
How do we allow our team to build on a core set of technologies that power all our customers? Read more...
Data Ingress: what it is and why it matters!
For ‘magic’ to happen, we need solid, accurate, and timely data, lots of data. This is done via so-called data ingress...
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