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Canopy is designed to help you leverage your data so you can drive the performance of your wind farms to unmatched levels.
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Generate more revenue with your
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Predict failures to avoid downtime
It only takes one malfunctioning component to cause a turbine to stop. Service providers and OEMs have full calendars and therefore need to know in advance when to plan repairs and which spare parts to procure.

Canopy finds abnormal conditions in your turbines, helping you prevent downtime events before they occur.
Identify and resolve underperformance
Minor performance issues often go unnoticed, but the cost of lost production can easily reach hundreds of thousands of euros per month for large wind farms.

Canopy flags underperformance in real-time, and quantifies losses, telling you exactly what to do to get those turbines back on track.
Trusted alarms for focused teams
Wind asset managers and performance teams often still rely on SCADA alarms that miss out on operational conditions, leading to alarm fatigue and inefficiencies in problem-solving.

Canopy’s machine learning models provide fewer and contextual alarms so your team can focus on the issues that drive revenue.
Monitor everything, all the time
Keeping track of all the possible inefficiencies and components that can affect production and profitability is a task that should not be underestimated.

Canopy is designed to monitor all components on a 24/7 basis. When there’s anything happening to your farms, you’ll be the first to know about it.
“The insights provided during the initial Canopy trial period were invaluable and so we had no hesitation in extending our partnership and onboard our entire wind portfolio.”
João Miranda
Wind Department Manager, Generg
Typical issues that Canopy is designed to tackle
We know, these snapshots don’t do justice to Canopy: open them in a new tab for sharp visualisation, or get the complete experience by booking a demo with our team.
Bearing issues
Cooling system failures
Hydraulic system issues
Icing detection
Component overheating
Pitch system faults
Hardware/software upgrade
Detect self and grid curtailment with Canopy. Use impact quantification to calculate losses or visualise performance curves to get to the bottom of the issue.
Degraded bearings experience higher than normal temperature operational ranges. Canopy makes it easy to see this overheating.
Canopy monitors the temperature of the internal components, to easily identify issues with ventilation or cooling systems.
Identify abnormal pressures or temperatures which are often symptoms of hydraulics malfunctioning.
Detect underperformance caused by icing, and and quantify energy losses to calculate the ROI of de-icing equipment.
Oil, gearbox, generator and transformer phases can suffer overheating and cause degradation, underperformance or downtime.
Comparing the individual blade pitches and investigating hydraulic components can reveal a malfunctioning pitch system.
Compare the behaviour of the asset before and after the upgrade allow to precisely evaluate its return on investment.
October 17, 2023
Case: Canopy detection prevents gearbox failure
The gearbox is a complex component that is hard to monitor using conventional methods.
Learn how Canopy enabled a wind customer to identify a failing component in time and promptly replace it, preventing production loss.
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Just a few steps away from top-
notch wind farm performance
Data ingress
We start by connecting to your wind farm directly, or to where your data is centralised, and ingress data into our systems continuously. Our automated services then prepare your data to make it easily accessible for our machine learning models.
Model training
Next up, our team of electrical engineering and machine learning experts use your historical data to train and validate AI models that are fine-tuned to your application, learning your wind farm’s unique behaviour all the way down to the individual sensor level.
Live monitoring
Log in to Canopy to monitor your wind farms in real time, and get advanced analytics and data visualisation tools beyond your imagination. Leverage the domain expertise of our Service Delivery team during the regular support meetings to benefit from our experience with similar projects.
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