Transform your vessel data into actionable insights
Maritime vessels produce streams of operational data, but ship owners, operators and maintenance crews often don’t reap the full benefits of this wealth of information.

Canopy turns your data into time and money-saving insights, flagging sub-optimal operating conditions months before mission critical equipment breaks.
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Leverage your existing data for optimised vessel operations
Maximise uptime and revenue
Taking ships out of operation for unexpected repairs has a massive effect on profitability and on your reputation as a reliable operator.

Monitoring your critical components on a 24/7 basis, Canopy takes out the uncertainty of your operation and helps maximise the uptime across your fleet.
Extend vessel lifetime
Taking good care of your ships allows you operate them longer and reduce costs, and helps you meet your sustainability goals.

Canopy allows you to understand the health of your vessels, letting you make informed decisions that can add months or years of lifetime to your fleet, reducing Capex and helping you ensure efficient asset utilisation.
Avoid replacing healthy equipment
Equipment inspections take time and can even create damage to healthy components when you need to open them up.

Canopy offers continuous monitoring reduces the need for visual inspections, mitigating the risk of damage to healthy machinery. Keep a pulse on your ship's components and only inspect or replace parts when you really need to.
Cut maintenance costs
Controlling maintenance costs is key in maritime operations. Routine checkups, frequent replacements and unexpected repairs quickly escalate operating costs.

This is where Canopy steps in. Trained on operational data, you can optimise maintenance schedules and prioritise tasks, based on operating conditions, reducing the unnecessary expenses linked to over-maintenance and uncertainty.
Endless possibilities to get more revenue from your fleet
Avoid technical downtime
Modern vessels are highly sophisticated and advanced systems. Components are tightly integrated and equipped with hundreds of sensors that measure nonlinear dynamics during its operation. Making sense of all this data is a massive challenge.

We use machine learning on historical sensor data to learn how your components should perform under any and all operational and ambient conditions. Predictions are compared to the actual data in real-time to get a razor sharp understanding of the health of all critical equipment on your ship.
Monitored components
Main engines & alternators
Propulsion systems
Hybrid energy storage systems
Cooling systems
Fuel performance systems
Hydraulic systems
Bilge and ballast systems
Deck machinery
Emission reporting
Upcoming regulations will require detailed reporting of ship emissions. To meet this, vessels can use  several types of sensors and measurement systems to accurately monitor and calculate emissions in real-time.

This involves fuel consumption, exhaust gas content, engine performance, but also external factors such as wind, weather and waves.  Not only will this help to comply with upcoming regulation, but it can also reduce operating costs by improving fuel efficiency. Canopy helps progress towards a cleaner, more transparent future for shipping.
Required sensors
Fuel consumption meters
Exhaust gas sensors
GPS / speed log
Torque and RPM sensors
Weather station
Temperature and pressure sensors
Add intelligence to your fleet in 3 simple steps
Data ingress
We start by understanding in depth your vessels data landscape and data protocols. We select relevant data tags, connect to your data sources, and ingress it into our systems. Our automated services then prepare your data to make it easily accessible for our machine learning models.
Model training
Next up, our team of electrical engineering and machine learning experts use your historical data to train and validate AI models that are fine-tuned to your application, learning the unique behaviour of your vessels all the way down to the individual sensor level.
Live monitoring
Log in to Canopy to monitor your fleet in real time, and get advanced analytics and data visualisation tools beyond your imagination. Leverage the domain expertise of our Service Delivery team during the regular support meetings to benefit from our experience in maritime vessel optimisation.