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"My first industry event as an engineer"

Unravel the experience of a technical expert visiting one of the biggest renewables industry events for the first time.

João Campos, one of Jungle’s Performance Engineers, plays a key role in the Service Delivery team on a daily basis. Interacting with Jungle’s customers and supporting Canopy users in making the best use of our tools is a task he’s very familiar with, but recently, he found himself stepping into the wild of industry events, representing Jungle at WindEurope, one of the most prominent events in the renewables industry. As an engineer navigating through the labyrinth of booths and bustling conversations, his experience transcended mere networking, and now he unravels his main takeaways from his technical point of view.

(Heads up! From now on, you’re reading João Campos POV)

Bursting the bubble feels good

Jungle AI is a software and data-driven company and, naturally, that’s also what I’m most familiar with. However, at WindEurope, I got to meet other very interesting approaches to the wind industry that rely on hardware instead. From improved turbine components to robotics for remote operations, I was amazed at the level of innovation that hardware can also bring to the industry.

Adaptability is a key to success

At the event, I got to meet and speak with all kinds of people. It was important to understand who I am talking to, as to adapt my Jungle pitch adequately. Paying a visit to our booth, we got people that:

  • already knew Jungle and/or Canopy and showed up prepared, asking specific questions and making for a more in depth-conversation;
  • commercial or innovation teams that lead to more high-level discussions and general assessment of potential collaborations. Charles, my colleague from the Sales team and as the expert he is, handled most of these, but I also started to get the hang of it!
  • technical people (my favourite 🤭) kept shooting lots of questions about AI approach and data analytics capabilities of our product - right up my alley!

I even got to speak with embassies and governmental entities representatives that are looking to support companies operating in renewables and, of course, the curious lurkers that were just passing by and never heard of Jungle. Even some of the conversations we struck out of our target audience were insightful!

Connecting with customers surely makes the difference

I also got the chance to meet two customers I’ve been regularly in touch with online, so it was great to finally meet them in person, chat, and create rapport. I’d say it makes a big difference to meet your customers in person at least once!

João and Charles enjoying WindEurope’s after party to wrap up their first day of meetings and networking.

Engineers can pitch too!

As a more technical minded person, it was great to practice my communication skills among so many experts in the industry and learn what comes across well and what doesn’t. I feel like my Canopy demo pitch evolved throughout the event, and I am now more comfortable and confident doing it. Watch out, sales team!

Looking for advice?

If you are a technical type of person that is getting started on your journey to networking at industry events, we’d be happy to share more insights. Even better: if you’re looking to see João’s pitch abilities, book a demo with our Commercial and Service Selivery team. Send us a message to hello@jungle.ai and we’ll take care of the rest!

João Campos

Customer Success Engineer

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