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Canopy deployed on two new wind farms in the Nordics

The latest additions to the Canopy portfolio are two wind farms in the Nordics, Kalax and Sørfjord, which are operated by European energy company Fortum.

Jungle’s AI product Canopy is helping customers around the world to improve machine performance. Over the last two years, Jungle’s growth has been strongest in the renewable energy sector, where it adds value by monitoring and optimising wind and solar farms.

The latest additions to the Canopy family are two wind farms in the Nordics, Kalax and Sørfjord. Both farms are operated by European energy company Fortum and produce clean energy for the Nordic market. Sørfjord is located in Norway and consists of 23 Siemens SWT-DD-130-4.3 turbines. Kalax is located in Finland and has 21 Vestas V150-4.3MW turbines. Together, the farms have an installed capacity of 190 MW.

In the Nordics, Fortum already has together with its partners 350 MW of wind power in operation and 380 MW under construction. Canopy will be used primarily by Fortum’s asset optimisation team, who are looking after the technical performance of the wind portfolio. Key findings are discussed with the asset managers and incorporated into the workflow of the service providers.

“Over the last few years, we at Fortum have taken many steps to grow our wind portfolio. The next step is to ensure we get the optimal result from the assets we have in operation. One of the ways to achieve this is to leverage operational data and we are very excited to be working with AI companies and advanced analytics services providers to deliver on our mission“, says Sónia Liléo, Head of Asset Integrity and Optimisation at Fortum.

Kalax wind farm, in Finland

Over the past weeks, the Jungle team started to receive data from the two wind farms and has created state-of-the-art Machine Learning predictive pipelines to detect and alert for abnormal behaviour. Now, the Fortum team can start monitoring on the Canopy dashboard with real-time sensor data, Machine Learning predictions and advanced alarms.

“We are excited to start working with Fortum, who have shown an impressive growth in wind and solar in the past years. This, combined with an impressive project pipeline and a clear vision to run low-cost and efficient operations, makes them an ideal partner for Jungle’s growth in the years to come", says Arnoud Kamerbeek, Jungle's CEO.


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