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Canopy provides AI powered insights into the health and performance of your solar farms. Learning the behaviour from your existing data streams, Canopy unlocks realtime actionable information that helps you increase the performance of your assets.
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Predict failures to avoid downtime
Solar assets, often situated in remote areas, pose challenges due to unexpected component failure and cost constraints in conducting regular inspections.

Canopy detects even the slightest abnormalities in the health condition of your solar assets, helping to avoid unplanned downtime events.
Identify and resolve underperformance
No matter the cause, underperformance always impacts profitability. Without effective monitoring and analytics systems, operators face uncertainty, lacking insights for the right remedial actions.

Canopy's normality models identify, classify, and quantify issues with no need for extra sensors, driving performance to new heights.
Focused and empowered teams
Performance optimisation teams and asset managers often still rely on set alarms that miss out on operational conditions, leading to alarm fatigue and inefficiencies in problem-solving.

Canopy provides the context so you can trust your alarms and take the necessary actions that drive solar performance.
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Solar farms and portfolios have increased in size and keeping track of all the possible inefficiencies is a task that should not be underestimated.

Canopy is designed to monitor all components on a 24/7 basis. When there’s anything happening to your farms, you’ll be the first to know about it.
Typical issues that Canopy is designed to tackle
We know, these snapshots don’t do justice to Canopy: open them in a new tab for sharp visualisation, or get the complete experience by booking a demo with our team.

Predict failures
Inverter overheating
Detect degradation
Trackers misalignment
Icing detection
Hardware/software upgrade
Track developing issues in inverters, connector boxes, back-sheets, solar-trackers, fuses, irradiance sensors and cables.
Comparing DC and AC powers flow before and after the inverter can show inverters loss of efficiency.
Canopy automatically alarms for underperformance causes by degradation and helps you track when to take action.
Detect self and grid curtailment. Use impact quantification to calculate losses or visualise performance curves to get to the bottom of the issue.
Make use of your tracker data and performance analytics to find solar tracker misalignment.
Detect underperformance caused by icing, and and quantify energy losses to calculate the ROI of de-icing equipment.
Calculate the yield of upgrades to facilitate decision making on proposed improvement campaigns.
October 17, 2023
Case: Canopy detects overheating in real-time
Detecting high temperatures in the system can be challenging, often evading the controller's alarm threshold.
Learn how Canopy detected a power drop caused by an inverter overheating, allowing the customer to monitor the problem in real-time and quantify its power loss.
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Ensure top-tier solar farm
performance in just a few steps
Data ingress
We start by connecting to your solar farm directly, or to where your data is centralised, and ingress data into our systems continuously. Our automated services then prepare your data to make it easily accessible for our machine learning models.
Model training
Next up, our team of electrical engineering and machine learning experts use your historical data to train and validate AI models that are fine-tuned to your application, learning your solar farms’ unique behaviour all the way down to the individual sensor level.
Live monitoring
Log in to Canopy to monitor your solar farms in real time, and get advanced analytics and data visualisation tools beyond your imagination. Leverage the domain expertise of our Service Delivery team during the regular support meetings to benefit from our experience with similar projects.
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