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Gain unparalleled insights into your assets' real-time performance. Increase your production, prevent downtime and losses, and enjoy peace of mind through operational simplicity with Jungle’s solutions.
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Results that speak volumes
At Jungle, we increase production across our entire customer portfolio. Read about how we help produce more from existing operations and prevent unplanned downtime.
Increase production
Improving wind farm performance
Wind farms face grid constraints, which affect power generation. Read this case study to learn how Jungle empowered a customer - Repsol - to identify and quantify potential generation losses incurred from grid curtailment.
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Reduce downtime
Avoiding turbine downtime
In this case study, learn how Jungle's AI solution helped our customer detect and track abnormal overheating in generator bearings, proactively addressing it during a planned maintenance window, ultimately preventing costly downtime.
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Complexity made simple
Jungle’s AI solutions learn from your machine’s normal behaviour and historical data, identifying underperformance and detecting machine failures ahead of time.
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Why choose Canopy
Canopy helps you prioritise the issues that prevent your operations from running optimally. If your machines are speaking to you through their thousands of sensors, we can help you hear them.
Remote deployment, no hardware required
Say goodbye to complex and lengthy setups. We leverage your existing data sources. No need for any site visits or installation of new sensors, we are typically up and running within 2-3 weeks.
Experience the simplicity of unsupervised learning. No special datasets or manual labelling are required. Canopy has been battle-tested on the world's most challenging datasets and effortlessly learns unique behaviours from available data, adapting to any environment without added complexities.
Reliable alarms within dynamic context
Too many false positives? Shift from traditional threshold-based alarms and focus on relevant signals only. Canopy’s context-sensitive alarms consider actual operating conditions in real-time and allow you to prioritise critical issues, directly impacting your bottom-line revenue.
For sensor-equipped machines everywhere
Our solutions have been designed to meet the specific needs of your industry, ensuring that you’re getting the most out of your machinery.
Why our customers 
love Jungle
“Canopy revolutionised our approach to wind farm management, propelling us ahead of potential issues and guaranteeing seamless operations. Its proactive capabilities have proven instrumental in preventing major failures, making Canopy an indispensable ally in our pursuit of operational excellence.”
Mamoso May
CEO, Dorper Wind Farm
“Jungle has been a perfect partner, understanding and helping us improve the way we manage our assets right from the start. This ongoing collaboration reflects Jungle's commitment to understanding and addressing the complex challenges in our industry, consistently delivering innovative solutions that align with our operational goals."
João Miranda
Wind Department Manager, Generg