for Humans

We help you maximise the performance of your electrical assets with tailored AI models

What if you knew the
present and future
state of your assets

We know how to navigate data jungles and deliver you actionable insights.

Wind turbines, power transformers or heavy industry machinery. We identify when your electrical assets are underperforming and predict when they will fail.

What can we do for you?

We help you reduce unplanned downtime, react quickly by detecting faults early on and assuring that your assets are performing at their maximum capacity. All this delivered to you in a simple, user-friendly and modern dashboard.

React quickly

by detecting failure development early on

Reduce downtime

by predicting when your assets will fail

Maintain efficiently

the assets long-term health while enabling the best short-term decisions

Optimise production

using performance recommendations opportunities

How do we do it?

We use the existing data streams of your assets to uncover the value that is hidden within. We leverage the latest AI research and years of engineering experience to do so.

1. Monitor

using the existing data streams
of your assets

2. Uncover

the value of your data using
our mix of domain knowledge
and machine learning skills

3. Act

based on real-time insights
and recommendations delivered
through our web app

We're different.

Your operations are complex. We know it. Generic AI platforms lack domain knowledge needed to get everything out of your data. And your internal data team does not have the right tools to handle the vastness and complexity of your data.

Jungle was founded to bring the best of both worlds together. The majority of our engineers has a background in electrical engineering, whilst having worked for years in data science, statistics, and machine learning related fields. We know our stuff and we speak your language.

We deliver actionable insights for humans, so your people can perform better.

This is the power of Jungle.

This is the power of Jungle.

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