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Jungle to take part in Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum

The wind energy industry event will take place in Berlin, on March 7-8.

The 4th Edition Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum is taking place in Berlin on March 7-8, bringing together industry experts to share how digitalisation and data analytics are shaping the wind energy industry and playing a vital role in achieving cost reduction and revenue increase.

Among the event’s expert panelists is Jungle’s CIO and co-founder Silvio Rodrigues, who will be sharing invaluable insights on how Machine Learning can contribute to improving the performance of wind assets, avoiding unplanned downtime, and increasing revenue. Used by owners and operators of wind farms, Jungle’s AI product Canopy creates a deep understanding of machine performance and component health by flagging underperformance issues and detecting impending failures ahead of time.

Visit us at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel Berlin to discuss how digitalisation is shaping the industrial innovations of tomorrow and to learn more about Canopy!

Registration and additional information via the link: https://www.leadventgrp.com/events/4th-edition-windpower-data-and-digital-innovation-forum/details


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