Who we are
A top-notch team meets
a purposeful mission
Jungle develops the world ’s most effective tools to resolve machine underperformance. Using state-of-the-art AI technology, we solve society’s most pressing challenges, by conquering operational complexity and giving people full understanding of their machines.
Our core values
Actual positive impact in the world
Giving people the understanding over their machines means accelerating the positive impact that key industries have. We optimise renewable energy production, help manufacturers go greener and ease out the transition towards sustainability.
Crafting through machine learning
Exploring data (science), perfecting our technological craft and putting our heart and brain into ML research - this is how the Jungle team delves into innovation.
Empowering people
Our solutions aren’t meant to replace human labour and perspective. Quite the contrary: positive change is achieved by putting empowering tools in the hands of people, a philosophy that Jungle applies to both customers and employees.
A nice place to work
We don’t need big adjectives: we aim to simply be a nice work place to all Jungle’s inhabitants. Being part of the team means being comfortable with one’s self and in true balance with the Jungle ecosystem.
The people behind the machines make the world go round
At Jungle, we hold pride in our talented team, dedicated to advancing our mission. For a glimpse into our work culture and ethos, learn directly from the driven and enthusiast individuals who make it all happen.
"My experience at Jungle has been awesome thanks to the people and Canopy being a very interesting product! I’ve helped implement and improve our users’ experience while learning a lot in the process."
João Palmeiro,
Full-stack Developer
"In the R&D team, we are proud to be driving technological innovation and seeing the direct impact we have on Jungle’s solutions."
João Correia,
Machine Learning Engineer
"Every day at Jungle is a new adventure in the sense that are always new challenges to take on!"
Robert Mercieca,
Full-stack Developer
"Over time, I’ve expanded my technical skills and autonomy, and cultivated a continuous learning mindset. This path showcases how Jungle has provided me with the opportunity to flourish as a professional and stay adaptable in the ever-evolving realm of software development."
Jerónimo Mendes, Software Engineer & former Summer Intern
Service Delivery
"As part of the Service Delivery team I am in contact with almost every part of Jungle - with both customers and other Jungle teams. It feels amazing knowing our team effort helps customers improve their operations!"
João Campos,
Customer Success Engineer
"Jungle focuses on fostering a friendly environment geared towards the growth of both the company and its employees. By balancing each person’s needs and goals with ongoing assignments, we are able to reach a sweet spot where we are consistently challenged while still close to our comfort zone."
Nelson Rodrigues, Software Engineer & former Summer Intern
"Jungle emerged from a curiosity to apply advanced data and AI technologies to address meaningful problems in the world. We build solutions that benefit everyone involved, avoiding ones where one's gain is another's loss."
Alexander Helmer,
CTO & co-founder
"It’s a true privilege to be part of such a warm, collaborative environment where you feel comfortable reaching out to absolutely anyone - either for a full cross-functional project, for a good brainstorming session, or simply for a nice chat"
Mafalda Rodrigues,
Operations Manager
"When you can see the clear and greater purpose of your work, that feeling ends up coming across very naturally in any conversation. That means generating confidence in Jungle’s positive impact right from the start."
Charles Monteiro,
Sales Executive
Our leadership team
Arnoud Kamerbeek
Pim Breukelman
Alexander Helmer
CTO & co-founder
Silvio Rodrigues
CIO & co-founder