We help the people behind the machines carry out their world-changing missions
At Jungle, people from all around the globe are putting their heads together to improve machine performance in impactful industries, contributing to some of the most important challenges of this generation.

Join us from anywhere in the world, and help us reduce industry inefficiencies and accelerate the world’s transition to renewables.
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What it means to be a Jungler
We are a diverse team of talented and driven individuals who are passionate about using innovative technology to improve the world we live in.
We make a positive impact in the world
Enabling renewable energy production, helping manufacturers go greener and easing out the transitioning process of big lobbies to sustainability: that’s the work we actively develop at Jungle.

By applying technology on solutions with positive societal and environmental outcomes, our team strives to keep making meaningful contributions to a more sustainable and eco-conscious reality for all.
We have fun with data science
Besides helping shape a better and promising future, data science speaks heavily to our team’s motivation.

There’s freedom to explore and forage before reaching concrete solutions, making the most out of our creativity and problem-solving skills to help our customers.

Playing around and putting our heart and brain into things is the combo that allows us to improve and delve into innovation.
We empower 
Positive change is achieved by empowering people and at Jungle it goes both ways: we empower customers with our solutions and do the same for our team.

We believe in investing in our employees’ personal growth, supporting their curiosity, goals, and helping pave the way for their own learning paths.

The same philosophy applies to our customers: Jungle’s solutions don’t replace, but boost human perspective and input.
We are a pretty nice crowd
When asking our team members what keeps them motivated at Jungle, besides the cutting-edge technology and impactful work, they mention Jungle’s culture and all the nice Jungle inhabitants.

We don’t need big adjectives: we aim to simply be a nice work place where everyone feels comfortable being their own self in balance with Jungle’s ecosystem.
Jerónimo Mendes
Software Developer
"My journey at Jungle, from my initial role as an intern to my current position as a Software Developer, has been a profound experience of growth."
Mafalda Rodrigues
Operations Manager
"Working alongside this great team has been hands down the best part of being at Jungle."
Nelson Rodrigues
Software Engineer
"To this day, I continue growing with Jungle and will keep doing so as I believe in our vision to help improve machinery performance and optimise the use of resources on a global scale."
Our perks and benefits
Remote & flexible
Live the life you want. Enjoy flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from where you want.
Annual off-sites
Enjoy the ride. Be a part of regular virtual team activities and join us for our annual company get-togethers.
Tailored mentorship
Don’t stay still. Be assigned a personal mentor, and grow your skills in the direction that you want.
Outstanding arsenal
Take advantage of a modern work environment, and a great tool stack that enables remote collaboration.
Health insurance
Be well and stay well. We offer private health insurance to all full-time employees.
Stock Appreciation Rights
We reward people for their hard work. Enjoy ownership for making the Jungle grow.
Words that makes us blush
We deploy internal surveys, listen to our team, and continuously work on our culture based on this feedback. These are some of the statements that Junglers agree with*.
“I can approach my manager / mentor whenever I feel the need to”
“I would recommend Jungle as a great place to work”
“I can approach my manager / mentor whenever I feel the need to”
“I am proud to be working at Jungle”
*based on all Employee Engagement Surveys implemented at Jungle so far.
Our recruitment process
We understand how frustrating it is to be left in the dark. That’s why we want to keep you informed every step of the way. Although each hiring pipeline is unique, this is more or less what you can expect.
Step 1
HR screen call
Your CV caught our eye, now what? We'll plan a short video call with HR to talk about your experience and your motivation to apply, and to answer any questions you may have about Jungle and the team.
Step 2
Technical interview
In this round, you will meet a member of the team you’re applying to, and get to showcase your technical knowledge and skills.
Step 3
Take-home assignment or live case
Depending on the position you’re applying to, we might ask you to complete an assignment, after which we’ll book an interview with the team to go over the results, or do a live case.
Step 4
Culture fit
Finally! You’ll have the opportunity to chat with a member of the leadership team to make sure this is a good fit for everyone. No need to prepare anything, just come ready for a friendly conversation.
Making room
for everybody
At Jungle, our commitment to diversity, acceptance, and equal opportunity is rooted in the belief that, just like the ecosystems found in jungles, our strength lies in the diversity of our team.

We’re aware that candidates from underrepresented backgrounds sometimes hesitate to apply for roles when they feel they don’t check every box.

If you’re interested in joining our team, we strongly encourage you to apply. We welcome and encourage different perspectives, and are eager to learn how your unique experience can enhance our collective potential.
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