Asset management software - canopy

The most powerful predictive tool to overcome asset underperformance

Increase your production and prevent unplanned downtime with our advanced Asset Management platform "Canopy".


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"Canopy is the product of an intensive feedback loop with our customers. We are proud to deliver the power of machine learning through a tool that enables our customers to improve the productivity of their existing asset base.”

Arnoud kamerbeek

Arnoud Kamerbeek,CEO

Identify and resolve underperformance


Detect abnormal behaviour

Canopy distinguishes normal from abnormal behaviour based on complex models over multiple sensors or distribution shifts between the sensors


Deep dive into component and sensor specifics

Canopy allows you to dive deeper into the components and subcomponents of your assets and identify which part requires your attention


Track, share,
and work collaboratively

You can create Cases -sandbox environment for investigations- around any health or performance issue over any selection of assets

”Jungle has been an open and collaborative partner for EDP. What really impressed us in working with them was how well they understood the practical aspects - the electrical engineering domain - of our assets. They were able to pair that understanding with their strong machine learning expertise, which really enabled us to make great progress in a very short amount of time ”

luis codeiro

LUÍS CORDEIRO Senior  Project Manager & Data Scientist, EDP

Why Choose Canopy ? 


Remote Deployment

Our technology doesn't require any hardware installation


Unsupervised learning

Our machine learning models are trained without labelled data


User-friendly interactivity

Canopy offers a user-friendly interactivity based on the client's needs


Machine learning and electrical engineering experts

Canopy is created, maintained, and continuously updated by Jungle's machine learning, and electrical engineers


 Centralised case context to fit your workflow

Resolve developing issues collaboratively with in-app discussion, annotations, and user tagging

Understand the health of your assets

In Canopy's health module, you are able to explore the results from fleet to sensor-level detail.

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“Canopy models your assets in the smallest detail, allowing you to view higher-level alarms as well as deep-dive to the sensor level and see exactly where anomalies originate from.”

Alex helmer

Alexander Helmer,

Asset management software - canopy
Asset management software - canopy

Built on top of your SCADA data

Canopy works with data hosted on your cloud infrastructure as well as our own. We have a strong track record with in housing SCADA data from all major wind turbine OEMs.

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“Canopy is a suite of next-gen analytics tool backed by powerful AI techniques to enable our customers to unlock a deeper understanding of their operational data. Data-driven decisions are only possible when domain experts are supported with the right insights."

silvio rodrigues

Silvio Rodrigues,


Our technology produces highly accurate and reliable day-ahead power forecasts based on asset telemetry and numerical weather forecasts.

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