Minimise unplanned machine downtime, maximise productivity
Nowadays, data gives us the capability to understand your machines better than ever before.
Using machine learning to recognise patterns in the data of your manufacturing facilities will help you prevent unplanned downtime, increase production and meet quality standards.
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Leverage your machine’s data
to lower costs and increase production
Prevent unplanned downtime
Unplanned downtime poses a significant challenge in manufacturing plants, especially those with continuous processes, leading to substantial financial losses.

Canopy’s provides real-time monitoring and predictive alarms, enabling you to understand machine health, minimise lost production and prevent unscheduled downtime events ensuring optimal operational efficiency.
Cut your maintenance costs
The majority of maintenance in heavy industries is still based on operational hours or existing routine, rather than on the actual condition of the machine.

Canopy monitors your equipment into their smallest detail, reducing the need for visual inspections. Plan maintenance interventions on exactly the right moment rather than weeks or months before they are required, reducing spare parts and inventory cost.
Empower your staff with AI insights
Attracting and retaining high-quality talent in the manufacturing industry is a persistent challenge. To address this, we must explore innovative ways in which human expertise and cutting-edge technology can synergise effectively.

By centralising your manufacturing processes into a unified digital ecosystem, Canopy equips your workforce to make well-informed, data-driven decisions, thereby optimising operational efficiency and productivity.
Extend factory lifetime
Taking good care of the machines in your factory allows you operate longer and reduce costs. Canopy allows you to understand the health of your machines, tracking component degradation over time or comparing similar machines in identical circumstances.

This helps to develop long term strategies focused on getting the most out of your machines.
Canopy solves your most critical issues
We know, these snapshots don’t do justice to Canopy: open them in a new tab for sharp visualisation, or get the complete experience by booking a demo with our team.

Component overheating
Electrical issues
Maintenance planning
Clogged filters
Hydraulics issues
Defective pumps
Cooling system failures
Quality control
Motors, gearboxes, pumps, generators and bearings often overheat, which can cause machines to stop or accelerate degradation.
Track if converters and transformers operate in their optimal health conditions and avoid electrical faults.
Knowing when to exchange components helps to reduce maintenance costs and is key to efficient inventory management.
Oil, water, gases and air need to be filtered to keep production lines running. Know when these filters clog before they cause trouble and interrupt production.
Detecting and tracking abnormal pressures or temperatures can help you identify hydraulics malfunctioning.
Measuring and learning how flow, valve position, temperates and pressure relate helps to identify pump failures in a very early state.
Monitoring temperatures of internal components helps identify issues with ventilation or cooling systems.
Keep track of the relation between product concentrations, the speed of your line and how these impact product specifications.
Predictive maintenance
Case: Detection of clogged filters avoids downtime
Clogged filters may silently wreak havoc and end up resulting in factory downtime. Learn how Canopy's alarms allowed a customer’s maintenance team to detect an abnormal temperature increase caused by a clogged filter.
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Supercharge your production lines in 3 simple steps
Data ingress
We start by understanding in depth your production line, data landscape, and data protocols. We select relevant data tags, connect to your data sources, and ingress it into our systems. Our automated services prepare your data to make it easily accessible for our machine learning models.
Model training
Next up, our team of electrical engineering and machine learning experts use your historical data to train and validate AI models that are fine-tuned to your application, learning the unique behaviour of your production lines all the way down to the individual sensor level.
Live monitoring
Log in to Canopy to monitor your factory in real time, and get advanced analytics and data visualisation tools beyond your imagination. Leverage the domain expertise of our Service Delivery team during the regular support meetings to benefit from our experience in production line optimisation.
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April 6, 2022
Detecting silent failures in the making for our Heavy Industry customers
In this blog, we will focus on two critical detections made by our Normality models, and delivered timely to our industrial customers via Canopy.
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February 25, 2022
Data availability challenges for AI model training
A very commonly heard thing about AI models is that the more data available the better. This is only the case if the model is actually able to leverage all the data.
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August 31, 2020
Normality modeling to conquer complexity
Challenges in creating tangible value with AI in industrial applications and how we overcame them with state-of-the-art ML normality models.
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