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Jungle takes part in the Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum

The wind energy industry event will take place virtually between the 23rd and the 24th of February.

A place for the wind industry to gather and explore how machine learning and predictive analytics can help drastically improve availability and reliability of wind assets: that’s the 3rd edition of Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum, which will be taking place virtually between the 23rd and 24th of February. 

That’s also where Silvio Rodrigues, our CTO and co-founder, will be to talk about Jungle and explain how our AI product Canopy can help asset owners increase production and prevent downtime by applying machine learning directly to sensor data and creating normality models.  

Join us for this two-day conference to explore and brainstorm on how digitalisation is sharpening the wind sector and creating tomorrow's industrial advances. Participate in talks about how to develop efficient data-driven decisions, and how artificial intelligence and predictive maintenance can increase wind asset efficiency.

If you’d like to register or learn more about the Forum, please go to: https://www.leadventgrp.com/events/3rd-edition-windpower-data-and-digital-innovation-forum/details

To request the agenda, please reach out to Leadvent Group via info@leadventgrp.com 


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