Maximise Output Production
Understand how your renewable assets should be performing
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Prevent Unplanned Downtime
Identify and understand developing issues in real-time
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We build the worlds most powerful digital twins so you can
Regain control of your assets

We enable energy and industry leaders to regain control of their increasingly complex asset base. We do this by applying the worlds most powerful digital twin technology. This unlocks insights into performance, developing failures, and an unprecedented level of control.


Reduce downtime
Optimise production
Optimise output
Extend life
Understanding your RENEWABLES fleet


Canopy allows renewable asset management teams to increase the output of large scale wind- and solar farms. Both through reducing downtime by detecting impending failures ahead of time and through increasing power output by detecting underperformance issues such as curtailment and misalignment

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Power Forecasting

Power forecasting allows renewable asset owners to reduce the cost of variability of the power output of their large scale wind- and solar farms. Our technology produces highly accurate and reliable day-ahead power forecasts based on asset telemetry and numerical weather forecasts.

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Trusted by customers across the globe
“Jungle has been an open and collaborative partner for EDP. What really impressed us in working with them was how well they understood the practical aspects - the electrical engineering domain - of our assets. They were able to pair that understanding with their strong machine learning expertise, which really enabled us to make great progress in a very short amount of time.”


Our approach to predictive intelligence.

We focus on mission-critical processes. To monitor operations that run 24/7 like continuous production lines and onshore/offshore wind farms, you need an approach that scales. Traditional threshold or condition monitoring approaches as well as individual component modelling are labour intensive and might miss emerging problems. Our approach focuses on understanding the normal behaviour of the entire system.


    We aggregate, automatically clean and enrich all raw telemetry data from the monitored assets and consolidate into a central dataset, hosted in a cloud-based infrastructure. Existing customer data infrastructure can be used if desired, in combination with Jungle technology to ensure data quality and readiness for modelling.


    We apply Jungle’s proprietary machine learning applications to develop a normality model of the monitored assets. This enables real-time assessment of their performance and health, by understanding at every moment if and how any component is deviating from normality.


    We deploy our platform to provide actionable insights to enhance the reliability and performance of the monitored assets. Concretely, our platform allows the operations, maintenance and asset management teams of our customers to prioritise, monitor and resolve cases around developing abnormality in a collaborative manner. Multiple people can work simultaneously on high priority cases, retrieve visualised information to provide context, share information and plan for action to resolve emerging issues ahead of time.


Company news

Jungle raises EUR 1 million to accelerate adoption of AI in renewable energy

Lisbon & Amsterdam, May 2021 – Dutch artificial intelligence company Jungle raises funding of 1 million euro from impact investor SHIFT Invest. The capital raised completes Jungle’s 3.2 million euro seed stage funding.

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