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Increase the performance of your asset base

There is more valuable knowledge and power in your team than in any other organisation or technical solution.
We don't focus on telling you what to do and ask you to trust a black box. We build tools and powerful evolving models that make it painless to wield the data already flowing from your process. We package all these capabilities within a platform where you can integrate your process and easily define what is truly important.
Time to tame your Jungle.


Canopy allows renewable asset management teams to increase the output of large scale wind- and solar farms. Both through reducing downtime by detecting impending failures ahead of time and through increasing power output by detecting underperformance issues such as curtailment and misalignment


Intelligent Power Forecasting

Our best day-ahead yield forecasting allows renewable asset owners to reduce the cost of variability of the power output of their large scale wind- and solar farms. We produce highly accurate and reliable day-ahead power forecasts based on asset telemetry and numerical weather forecasts.


Own Your Data

A self-monitoring,  state of the art and fully flexible deployment that collects, cleans and stores your data in the most efficient way.

We can provision the infrastructure you own to run an ultra simple yet all encompassing solution to obtain all your data and use it as primary data storage.

Runs on all hyper-scale* cloud platforms and currently powers 5Tb of data-flow daily for the world's most complex asset bases.

Keep an intelligent pulse on your assets.
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