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Identify and resolve underperformance

We have built Canopy from the ground up with the sole purpose of increasing the output of wind- and solar farms. Both through reducing downtime by detecting impending failures ahead of time and through increasing power output by detecting underperformance issues such as curtailment and yaw misalignment. Canopy creates a deep understanding of renewable asset performance and component health. It gives its users the views, interactions, and tools to deepdive into what requires your attention right now, in order to get the most out of your renewable assets, both wind and solar. We package all these capabilities within a platform where you can integrate your process and easily define what is truly important.

Tame your Jungle with Canopy.

Monitor the performance of your entire fleet

Rapidly understand the key metrics of your entire fleet within seconds. Understand exactly where underperformance exists and why. Involve the right people in the right place at the right time.


Understand the health of your assets

Understand the health of your fleet in a snapshot and understand problems across the fleet. Quickly compare health metrics by any aspect.


Deepdive into component and sensor specifics

Canopy allows you to dive deeper into the components and subcomponents of your assets and identify which part requires your attention. It distinguishes normal from abnormal behaviour based on complex models over multiple sensors or distribution shifts between the sensors.


Track, share, and work collaboratively

Create cases around health issues or reports around performance over any selection of assets. Involve the right people in your team and outside on a case by case basis.

Built on top of your SCADA data

Canopy works with data hosted on your cloud infrastructure as well as our own. We have a strong track record with in housing SCADA data from all major wind turbine OEMs. Want to know more? Get in touch!

Keep an intelligent pulse on your assets.
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