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We Work hard to research and develop the best

Tools that empower your Team

There is more valuable knowledge and power in your team than in any other organisation or technical solution.
We don't focus on telling you what to do and ask you to trust a black box. We build tools and powerful evolving models that make it painless to wield the data already flowing from your process. We package all these capabilities within a platform where you can integrate your process and easily define what is truly important.
Time to tame your Jungle.

Data Intelligence

A self-monitoring,  state of the art and fully flexible deployment that collects, cleans and stores your data in the most efficient way.

Infrastructure you own to provide an ultra simple yet all encompassing solution to obtain all your data.

Runs on all hyper-scale* cloud platforms and currently powers 5Tb of data-flow daily for the world's most complex asset bases.


Predictive Intelligence

At the core of our company is the research and development that has helped us productise the
world's most powerful digital twins.

Our modelling approach focusses on understanding normal behaviour instead of failures. Allowing you to understand everything that is developing abnormality.

Powered by our data intelligence layer we also provide collaborative applications to turn deeper insights into collaborative action.


Intelligent Forecasting

The best day-ahead yield forecasting that never stops improving.

The world is in constant motion, our intelligent forecasting infrastructure,
provides the most valuable forecast to our customers that operate some of the
largest wind portfolios out there.


Dive deeper with us

If you want to learn more and understand how this can deliver value to your organisation from the moment data starts flowing, drop us a note and we will set up a short video call or send you the materials you require.

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