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Data Ingress: what it is and why it matters!

For ‘magic’ to happen, we need solid, accurate, and timely data, lots of data. This is done via so-called data ingress...

Jungle is recognised as one of the international leaders in advanced machine learning. We specialise in predicting problems & challenges of our customers before they happen. Jungle helps customers, who are mainly active in wind energy and industry, to get more out of their assets by examining their asset performance.

Sounds like magic, right? Even though it looks like it, we have proven over and over that it really isn’t.

For ‘magic’ to happen, we need solid, accurate, and timely data, lots of data. This is done via so-called data ingress. As the transport of data and different storage locations can be detrimental for the data quality, Jungle directly connects with all raw data-sets of our customers, in order to consolidate these data, and provide access to a cleaned and standardised data landscape. The result will be one single source of truth! And we achieve this fast, securely, and efficiently via remotely tooling and access.

This phase of data ingress is a crucial step for implementing follow-on integrations where machine learning and advanced analytics are used to further derive value from the data gathered from all the assets. This will allow customers to be at the forefront of data-enhanced sustainable operational transformation.

Maybe capturing and routing of all operational data sounds easy, but dealing with a large number of data-generating wind and solar energy platforms and/or industry is immensely complicated. Especially when assets are located around the globe, and comprise many different manufacturers, asset types, and operators. Many large energy producers and industries regard data aggregation across their networks as one of the most challenging issues of their daily businesses/operations.

For a large international customer, Jungle is currently working on the capture and routing of all its operational data coming from tens of wind farms (i.e. around 600 wind turbines) and 2 solar farms to the customer’s own cloud environment. Our ability at Jungle to streamline all this data from our customer’s sustainable energy portfolio companies, will soon allow the customer to make the next amazing step, and apply Jungle’s machine learning at scale for its renewable assets.

Tim Kock

Former CTO

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