About Jungle
Conquering Complexity
We have a vision to enable the world to conquer operational complexity and make it manageable for people. We are on a mission to develop the world's most effective tools to solve inefficiency arising from this operational complexity.
What we are best at

Applied Expertise

State of the art technology and experience in rapid data connectivity. Keep a continuous light-weight connection as close as possible to the source.
Domain Knowledge
We have applied artificial intelligence at scale to drive leaps in efficiency. Together with our customers we build a wealth of domain knowledge.
Engineering Excellence
Almost our entire team are engineers. Finding the simplest and most elegant solution to complex problems is our nature.
Our technology and approach is built for scale. We service several gigawatts in installed wind capacity and factory processes with that contain tens of thousands of sensors.
Normality Modelling
Our normality modelling engine gives us the ability to derive an understanding of normal behaviour from a complex process. Bringing to the surface everthing that is abnormal.
From cloud infrastructure coordination to continuous model training on flowing data. Everything is optimised for the needs of critical process availability.
Our people

Our world-class team

Christian Perone
Chief Data Scientist
Telmo Felgueira
Machine Learning Research
Angelica Verhulst
Gustavo Carita
Senior Engineer
Silvio Rodrigues
Nelson Rodrigues
ML & Data Engineering
Miguel Moitinho
Head of Infrastructure
Jorge Pessoa
Senior Engineer
Rodrigo Neves
Machine Learning Engineer
Andre Silva
ML & Partnerships
Pedro Reves
ML & Data Engineering
Tim Kock
Arnoud Kamerbeek
Alexander Helmer
COO & Service Delivery
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